Let’s Talk Dirty!


Dry Cleaning Prices

Price List

Shirts wash/press $4.00 Comforter $40.00 and up
Shirt drycleaned $7.00 Comforter - down filled $50.00 and up
T-shirt $7.00 Sleeping bag $25.00 and up
Pant $9.00 Blanket (poly) $40.00 and up
Suit Jacket $14.00 and up Pillow (poly) $15.00
Vest (poly) $10.00 and up Pillow - down filled $20.00
Tie $7.00 Curtain $40.00 and up
Coat $30.00 and up Wedding Dress $220.00 and up
Dress $17.00 and up
Skirt $9.00 and up
Blouse $10.00 and up
Sweater $10.00 and up
Scarf $10.00 and up
Tuxedo $25.00
* No minimum order amount

Drop Off Laundry Prices

Price List

Wash/Dry $8.00 per load Includes detergent, Bounce dryer sheet and up to 2 hours drying and new clean bag.

Wash & Fold Prices

Price List


$15 per load

Comforter/Blankets $20 and up
Pickup/Delivery Service

Currently Unavailable for Residential Service


Price List

Pant hem $18 and up
Button fix $5
Dress Hem $30 and up
Curtain Hem $20 and up
Sleeve Hem $25 and up
* No minimum order amount