Let’s Talk Dirty


Dry Clean Pricing

Price List

shirts$3.50Tie $5.00
Tuxedo$5.00Vest (poly) $5.50 and up
Jacket$14.00 and upComforter$20.00
Sort Jacket$12.00Comforter (Including down)$38.00
Coat (Long)$20.00 and upSleeping bag $15.00
Coat (Half)$16.00Blanket (poly)$14.00
Dress$16.00 and upPillow (poly)$5.00
Skirt$8.50 and upPillow (poly including down) $12.00
Blouse$9.5 and upCurtain (under 6 feet)$1.20
Sweater$9.00 and upCurtain (over 6 feet) $1.50
Scarf$5.50 and upWedding Dress (poly)$120.00
* No minimum order amount

Coin Laundry Pricing

Price List

Double loader$3.5Dryer$2.5 and up
Tripper loader$7.00Liquid detergent$1
Top loader$2.75Load transfer$1
* No minimum order amount

Wash & Fold Pricing

Price List

$14 per load
* No minimum order amount


Price List

Pant hem$14 and up
Button fix$5
Dress Hem$25 and up
Curtain Hem$20 and up
Sleeve Hem$25 and up
Replace Jacket Zipper$35 and up
* No minimum order amount