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ABOUT Corporate Laundry

Daily, weekly or monthly, Hi-Lite’s high quality services has helped it grow as a leading launderer. Its corporate laundry with Airbnb clients, hotels and restaurant chain has benefitted the latter in leaps and bounds.

Hi-Lite has successfully stood up to the expectations of its elite clientele since long. After all, there can barely be a more reliable launderer than us. Our laundry facilities are extensive, serving all segments of the industry with excellence. Our laundering services for the corporate segment include:

Salon laundry services: Even salons have huge laundry needs. At Hi-Lite we make use of a blended approach to clean salon laundry that requires rigorous cleaning. Since the daily loads are prone to increase, we make use of machines, equipment and cleaning agents that leave every cloth spotless and sanitized.

Work-wear laundry services: work wear has to undergo rigorous wear and tear. A lot of our corporate clients shoulder off the responsibility of cleaning the stains and washing, to us. We help them with dry fold and ironing requirements.

Airbnb & Short stay accommodation laundry services: All the dirty linen and towels need regular cleaning for a healthy and hearty stay. From Airbnb, Stayz to Bookings.com, some of the biggest hotel and restaurant chains are partnering with Hi-Lite laundry services. From bed to toilet linen and everything in between, we take care of laundry like no other.

Hospitality laundry services: napkins, placemats, table mats and aprons, the hospitality segment has a lot of laundry to deal with. We offer wash, dry and fold facilities. Whether its restaurants or cafes or any other hospitality unit, our services are given to all. Faster laundry facilities coupled with prompt response at your disposal, we take laundering business seriously.

Education laundry services: Lab coat, garments or towels, Hi-Lite ensures that all garments and linen are washed properly. Our offerings are dedicated to medium and small sized schools, universities and also colleges.

Childcare laundry services: childcare centers require voluminous level of laundering services. Medium or small, all kinds of child care units demand laundering services. Our laundry services are accredited, meant to meet the industry standards for quality, hygiene and safety.

Healthcare laundry services: Hi-Lite laundry services offer washing facilities for lab coat, garments and towels, to pathology centers and laboratories.

Medical laundry services: Starting from bedding to towel and linen cleaning, wash and dry fold services, Hi-Lite is a leading name in providing laundering facilities to the medical industry. We have been providing this to medical centers, be it small or large. From veterinary centers, pharmacies to doctor’s chambers, our services are extended to the entire industry.

Aged care laundry services: aged people need special laundry care for linen and bedding. From rigorous washing, dry fold to iron/press, we offer laundering facilities to mid-sized care homes. We even reserve specialist laundry services when in need. Our laundry services meet up with the industry standards.

Disability care laundry services: We have special laundering services allotted for every disability care unit. Also, get in touch with us for extra special disability care laundering facilities. We partner with different accredited laundering service providers.

Retirement living laundry services: mid-sized retirement homes can also attain the benefit of retirement living laundry services. Linen, bedding and garments, all are taken care of by us with wash, dry fold and iron/press services.

Please contact us at hilitelaundry2018@gmail.com or call/text 236-777-1234 for a detailed quote.