Let’s Talk Dirty!




Hi-Lite understands that a wash is not easy nor amusing, so we do it exactly the way you want it to be done. You must be thinking whether professional laundering is as effective as a home cleaning approach. Of course! Hi-Lite Laundry goes ahead with its effective laundering methodologies to treat a stain or dirt that looks stern, like it would not fade even if a lifetime of effort is invested.

If you think that the laundry bag is getting too heaped every day such that even the machine has started giving up, it is time you head straight and give us a call. Drop all your laundry at our address and rest we will take care of.
Our consistency in offering highest quality washing facilities, from domestic to commercial, have helped us attain fame. Do you know it has been 20 years since we have been winning confidence of our customer and client bases with highest standard wash and fold and dry cleaning services? What is more? We have quick dry cleaning facilities for you to meet up urgent demands. Our specialists are expert in handling your prized suits and formal wear attires. So, what if your, much treasured wedding dress has lost its sheen or has unfortunately got a stain that look irremovable, bring it to us.
Also drop in with your garments if they appear outsized or small, we will gladly do the alterations. Even if there is a zip to be replaced, Hi-Lite Laundry is the first name that should strike your mind. We have also reserved a self-wash service where you can wash your laundry with our washing machines.
Hi-Lite Laundry offers laundry services across Vancouver area. Our customers are benefitted from our competitive price rates. We do not compromise on quality yet assuring an effective price is a promise we always keep.